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Shooting Sports on ARRI AMIRA and Fujinon 25-300mm Cinema Lens

According to sports cinematographer, Domenick Satterberg, the best combo for shooting the Super Bowl VII, is his beloved ARRI AMIRA paired with a hell of a cinema glass, which is the Fujinon 25-300mm cinema lens. Here are some thoughts below.

We’ve written before on the very special (and professional) setup of sports cinematographer Domenick (Dom) Satterberg. Dom prefers using top-tier cinema cameras and lenses for getting the most cinematic shots even when filming sports events. That would constitute a solid reference for the term ‘Cinematic broadcasting’ which means, getting the best images, look & feel, and bokeh, even in sports. Dom said before, that he sees the AMIRA as the best camera for sports cinematography, because of its reliability, interface, viewfinder (which is a critical component when shooting sports), and of course, image quality. For the Super Bowl VII, Dom has paired the AMIRA with the mighty Fujinon 25-300mm cinema zoom.


  1. Would you shoot sports with this mighty cinema setup?

  2. Do you think that cinema cameras and lenses have a place when filming sports events?

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